Office Bearer Chair: Simon Findel-Hawkins; Treasurer: Malcolm Lyon; Secretary/Membership: Liz Griffiths

Other Committee Members:

Sarah Forde, Corinne Gimber, Julie Rockey, Lisa Haar, Margaret Turgoose, Martyn Esau and Ollie Sharpe

Roles and Responsibilities

Team Captains
Ladies A:Jill Dixon07814 262040
Ladies B:Tean Hurley07760 164209
Men's APhil Hurley07889 180044
Men's BSteve Forde07894 204224
Mixed A:Sam Bennett07557 305172
Mixed B:Sarah Forde07962 181225
Mixed C:Chris Bones07981 978148
CoachingOllie Sharpe07446 111430
Alfie Woodger07468 592836
Village Hall RepresentativeCorinne Gimber07814 554213
Session RotaJill Dixon07814 262040
Welfare Officers
Corinne Gimber & Lisa Harr07814 554213
07818 265341
Court CombinationLiz Griffiths0783 3355892

AGM Minutes

Get Coaching

Junior coaching runs on Saturday mornings in the Summer and Autumn terms.

Adult coaching programmes run throughout the year on Monday evenings incluing Rusty Racquets, Improver Tennis and Cardio.

Court availability

Session rota is back!

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Membership Renewal

Membership renewal is due from 1 April. Please watch out for a personal email with details for signing up

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